Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mommy time out

I have currently put myself in Mommy-time-out for the next hour.

Sometimes, I let the overwhelmingness of it all get to me. I say things dripping in sarcasm, spitefully or just down right mean. I kick myself the moment these comments come out of my mouth and the normal victim; Jimmy walks away letting me know I crossed the line.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has done this.

Today was a busy day. We had our first experience with Little Gym. Seriously, super fun! Also, super tiring. When Wes and I got home we napped. I didn't sleep well last night so I was extra tired and I kinda well zonked out. Jimmy came home right when Wes was getting up and took over and let me nap a bit longer.

Fast forward, Jimmy wakes me around 6 so I'll be able to somewhat regulate my sleep for tonight. I get up make Wes his smoothie (more on that later) while Jimmy fixes the rest of dinner.

Fast forward a little longer. I was getting the bath ready for Wes when Crosby (our adopted furry baby) started peeing all over the bathroom. I of course, flip. 

A: When was the last time you had the dogs out?
J: Not since I have been home
A: (enter spiteful tone )Why, not?!? I last had them out at 230. Why didn't you take them out when you got home? 
J: I had Wes.
A: Soooooo, I take care of Wes all day and still manage to take the dogs out every few hours.
J: Well there is no reason to get an attitude with me about it.
End of conversation has been reached as I fill the washer with a urine soaked towel and floor mat. (rather loudly too)

I took Wes, gave him his bath, got him ready for bed, brushed his teeth and put him down as Jimmy cleaned up the kitchen and took the dogs out. All while being silent. 

The whole entire time knowing I was in the wrong, dreading to have to say the words "I was wrong". And eventually having to give up an apology. If you know me at.all you will know apologies do not come easy for me.

I understand every couple has their tifts. We get through them quickly. We talk about our feelings when we both have cooled off. And we move forward.

Speaking of which, my time out is up...

How do you and your spouse handle arguments? 

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