Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We all have them. Some more than others. Some figurative. Some actual. Some superficial. Some down to the bone.

I am nobody to tell someone how to heal from a wound; figurative or actual, superficial or deep. 

For me, I believe everything happens for a reason. So clique, I know. Out of tragedy normally comes something positive. It has taken me time to find peace in relation to certain events that have happened in my life. That's just it though; I have found peace.

I have had two spinal surgeries that took away my ability to dance Ballet. I was a teenager and was very bitter about giving up my dream. While I was hospitalized I had the most compassionate nurse who went above and beyond for me. Her outstanding care gave me the inspiration to become a Nurse and care for others the way she cared for me.

We have lost a child. One of the hardest things to face. Getting pregnant again was the scariest thing in the world for us. The fear of losing another child was palpable all the way up to delivery. Finding peace took years. Does it still kill me when I think about our angel; of course!! However, had we not lost our first child we would have never learned about my blood clotting disorders thereby saving my life, Wesley's life and any other future children we may decide to have.

I bear both types of scars as do many of you. 

These scars have made me stronger. These scars have given me perspective. These scars have shaped me.

We all have a life story. The scars are part of it. I choose to embrace mine.
What will you decide to do with your scars?

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