Friday, February 8, 2013

I do what I do and that is all I can do, right?!?

Momma always said life was about balance. A little of this, a dash of that and a splash of "secret sauce"and there you have it.  Balance. I really try to be the Pinterest-it-all, craft-til-my-ears-bleed, all-organic-gluten-free-recipe making mom but let's face it some days I don't have the energy to even push the button on my Kuerig. Sad really. 

I work full time (sometimes overtime) and my husband works full time and Wes is well Wes. I work night shift at the hospital which means my shift runs from 7pm to 7am. I give report to on-coming shift and normally leave the floor around 7:40 am then home by 8:30 am. I stay up with Wes til he goes down for a nap around 10:30/11 and sleep only when he sleeps. That is the only sleep I will get. Somethings have to give so if I can't create oh-so-cute dinosaur shaped fresh baked bread, turkey and cheddar sandwiches while he naps I really don't feel so bad. 

So back to balance. I have been doing this sleep deprivation to myself for about a year now and I'm done. Like super done with going 48 hour periods with only getting 3 hours of sleep. Enter, weekend nights. I worked weekend nights before. You get your three nights done in a row then have four nights off and the pay is not too bad to supplement working strict weekends either. That ensures me more sleep and an increase to the household fund age. Ahhh, balance. Feels good.

So come March I'm pretty sure I'm going be happier which makes Jimmy happier. Remember:

Happy wife, happy life.

And I'm pretty sure these are the images you have in your mind about night nurses...

Sorry to disappoint.

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