Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's a pretty sweet life!

So as I sit here I realized I would take the opportunity to make a post (also the annoying hints from a certain someone to update this sucker was still fresh in my mind).

First up...Wes!

He is doing GREAT!! He is just shy of 3 months (man how time flies!) and achieving chunk status.

I know on my Facebook I have talked a lot about Wes going to the doctor a lot but let me reassure you all Wes is fine! Upon his 1 month baby well check up the doctor noticed a heart murmur. So she sent us to the cardiologist. He does have significant pulmonic stenosis but is asymptomatic (meaning he has no signs or symptoms from it). He will go monthly for echoes (heart ultrasounds) to keep an eye on it. Wes's pediatrician also suggested for us to have a genetic screen, kidney ultrasound and a skeletal xray to rule out any growth abnormalities. All of which came back normal. See told you he is PERFECT!

When we had the genetic panel done the geneticist from CHKD called and still wanted to see him in person. They didn't have an opening for months but took our family history over the phone and said we would see us in a few months. A WEEK later they called and said they had an opening the next day...of course we took it! Wes did great for such a long appointment. The geneticist said she had never seen such an alert 2 1/2 month old and she believes him to be just fine but would like to run a specific blood panel looking at Noonan Syndrome. If you Google it, it looks really scary but if you look at those photos versus looking at Wes there is NO resemblance. So we will go back and see her when Wes is 6 months!

On a lighter note Wes is reaching some great milestones! He loves to smile, giggle, babble, put his hands in his mouth, play on his play yard and he is now able to hold his head up!

I can't believe how big he has gotten! It really hit when I packed away his newborn clothes and yes I cried!

Second & my job!

I have struggled a little in the department of being a mom and working full time. It is hard. I come to work a little sleep deprived which isn't always a good thing when you do 12-hour shifts in the world of saving lives. But we are learning and getting there.

Work is crazyyyyyyy! I love what I do and yes I have interesting stories but honestly had no idea what I had gotten myself into when applying to a Trauma floor. You see it ALL!!! Which is pretty cool cause nothing really shocks me anymore :)

Last but not least...Jimmy!

He wears fatherhood like a Gucci suit! He is an amazing father to Wes and I couldn't ask for anything more!!!

Well there you go! And maybe since I downloaded the handy dandy Blogger app I will update and post more often :)