Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mommy time out

I have currently put myself in Mommy-time-out for the next hour.

Sometimes, I let the overwhelmingness of it all get to me. I say things dripping in sarcasm, spitefully or just down right mean. I kick myself the moment these comments come out of my mouth and the normal victim; Jimmy walks away letting me know I crossed the line.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has done this.

Today was a busy day. We had our first experience with Little Gym. Seriously, super fun! Also, super tiring. When Wes and I got home we napped. I didn't sleep well last night so I was extra tired and I kinda well zonked out. Jimmy came home right when Wes was getting up and took over and let me nap a bit longer.

Fast forward, Jimmy wakes me around 6 so I'll be able to somewhat regulate my sleep for tonight. I get up make Wes his smoothie (more on that later) while Jimmy fixes the rest of dinner.

Fast forward a little longer. I was getting the bath ready for Wes when Crosby (our adopted furry baby) started peeing all over the bathroom. I of course, flip. 

A: When was the last time you had the dogs out?
J: Not since I have been home
A: (enter spiteful tone )Why, not?!? I last had them out at 230. Why didn't you take them out when you got home? 
J: I had Wes.
A: Soooooo, I take care of Wes all day and still manage to take the dogs out every few hours.
J: Well there is no reason to get an attitude with me about it.
End of conversation has been reached as I fill the washer with a urine soaked towel and floor mat. (rather loudly too)

I took Wes, gave him his bath, got him ready for bed, brushed his teeth and put him down as Jimmy cleaned up the kitchen and took the dogs out. All while being silent. 

The whole entire time knowing I was in the wrong, dreading to have to say the words "I was wrong". And eventually having to give up an apology. If you know me at.all you will know apologies do not come easy for me.

I understand every couple has their tifts. We get through them quickly. We talk about our feelings when we both have cooled off. And we move forward.

Speaking of which, my time out is up...

How do you and your spouse handle arguments? 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

baby bumps, one year olds and a dash of baby fever

Seriously, EVERYONE is PREGO!
And I couldn't be happier :) I love me some prego's. Why? Cause they like to eat and so do I and I love to rub some baby bumps (yeah, I'm that weird friend.) Two of my friends are even pregnant with TWINS! All the little cutest, I can't wait!

And not only is everyone on a mission to repopulate the planet but the two little ladies who are the youngest of Wesley's class are turning ONE. Once upon a time when I was rotund prego a bunch of us ZTA's (yes, I am a sorority girl. Shocking I know.) were all prego together. So little misses Ella Grace and BK are joining the 12 month group. (Speaking of I miss the crap-o-la out of you girls!) It is so nuts how fast time has gone and our bambinos are growing up. 

And all these prego's make me wanna re-join the group! Oh, baby fever this is what you feel like. We honestly need to wait to have another baby just due to space issues but whatever happens, happens if you get my drift. But that "new baby" smell and the little baby cuddles, oiy how I miss them!

That is all.

Oh and this...


Any of you got the fever?

Monday, February 25, 2013

A bag purchase that was meant to be...

Well if you are a Facebook friend of mine you would have seen the lovely post where I spent an hour at the Virginia Beach City Second Precent waiting to regain some property.

But let me begin from well the beginning...

This week I worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. Got home Friday morning and did my usual; sleep. I admit I slept good. I didn't work again until Saturday night. So I drove to work Saturday night, parked in the garage and went to the back seat to get my work bag only to find it was MIA. Strange. I never take my bag inside the house (you know fear of bringing some random disease into our home). But HONESTLY I couldn't remember what I had done with it, just thought it was strange. Went about my shift then drove back home in the morning, checked the house. Still no bag. Strange. On my way to work Sunday night I got a blocked call on my way in. I never answer those calls; seriously who does?!? I listened to the voicemail. My bag had been found in a park and someone turned it into the POLICE! I was floored. At first I was like, it was STOLEN?!?!?!?! Then I was like cool I get my bag back, thirty-one bags aren't expensive but they aren't cheap. But then I was like how did they get my bag? So, I was like I must not have locked the car door after my three night run of shifts, my bad but cool I get my bag back. Then I was like OMG, someone who I do.not.know was ruffling through MY car. Enter freak out/feelings of violations/more freaking out/I feel like to get ADT on the phone NOW. I told the police I had to work that night but would get it on Monday.

Enter today...

There were a few things missing when I got it back. There were two things in my bag of value; one sentimental, one of actual value and BOTH were still in the bag. A heartbeat-in-a-bottle of the first patient I had the honor of helping pass and a $125 Bebe purse (there was nothing in it) but I guess the people who took my bag were not educated enough to realize the value of what they had instead they took a brand new toothbrush and a water bottle. Whatever; I got my bag, my purse and my heartbeat-in-a-bottle back. Still, I cannot shake the uneasy feeling of someone taking advantage of an opportunity as simple as an unlocked car door.

But, this story gets better.

So, I really wanted to know how the police found me and got my property returned. There were a few business cards in my work bag from various educators at the hospital who have managed my transfer to the ICU. The only item with my name on it was my critical care internship binder. That's it. No other identifiers. They contacted one of the educators who looked up my employee file and BAM they found me. They also contacted Jimmy because he was listed as my emergency contact and I guess because it all looked suspicious that my workbag was found in a park (and not me) they thought something had happened to me. How sweet...Thanks work, and the VB police for your concern.

So now my bag is in the washer, I've tossed the papers that are unsalvageable, my faith in humanity is discouraged but at the same time is heightened for person who did do the right thing and I am trying to regain a simple sense of security...maybe some wine will help.

Glad to have it back. I'm thinking I should now give her a name...

The only identifier...

My Bebe bag that they didn't take...idiots


Heartbeat-in-a-bottle...glad they didn't take this

Destroyed ACLS book.

All in all. I know this really isn't a HUGE deal. No one was hurt. No windows need to be replaced. And the thing that really mattered to me got back to me; I really could have cared less if they had taken the bag it was the heartbeat-in-a-bottle I had hoped hadn't been lost upon finding out my property was stolen. There is my silver lining.

Moral to me = Lock the damn car door.
Moral to you = Lock the damn car door.
Note to the thieves = I hope you are brushing your teeth with that nice new toothbrush you went through all that trouble to get.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Box Remodel.

After we re.done.did Wesley's room (check that out here) and got the addition of a baby gate I felt ok with leaving Wes alone for a few moments if I needed to do so. You know to switch over laundry, grab a cup of coffee, pee by myself, you know whatever and I am seriously talking about mere moments here people. Well anyways I would always come back to find Wesley in his closet and his folding laundry basket tossed around. We have a plan for the closet debacle but I had to do something about the laundry basket thing because Wes could easily get his fingers pinched when playing with it. I had seen all these no-sew-box cover things on Pinterest. Genius. I could use some left over fabric from his crib settings and it would be all matchy matchy and cute. 

So ready for a photo montage???

Get your box... (side note love me some Honest Company)

Rip the top tabs off and trim up the edges

hopefully with some better scissors than these...I have yet to buy sewing shears and couldn't find my kitchen ones :/ Merp do what you can 

Got your clean edges?
Cool. Next time around I'll probably tape the edges off...

I measured 1/2 inch around the base of the box.

 I originally thought I could pull this off with hot glue...not so much I ended up using Mod Podge because I could not find my fabric glue. Next time I do this I plan on having the proper materials...

See how bumpy the hot glue turned out. Modge podge worked great. I think they make one specifically to use with fabric...not sure though.

So I "Nurse-Cornered" the corners up.

 Gonna need more of coffee...

I don't have a pic of the covering of the sides but basically I wrapped the box with enough extra fabric to fold into the open end of the box. I also cut about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the box.

I took a contrasting fabric and made a thick "ribbon" around the bottom. This I did hot glue but I'm sure you could use the iron-on adhesive stuff which I will probably do the next time around.

Your box should like this now...

So with the MP I figured just using it on the edges and pulling the fabric taunt was better. Because when you paint the whole box side of it this is what happens... (And the is a pic of the finished product after everything had dried. But it's the back side of the box so merp :/)

I made a liner that could be removed and washed with another contrasting fabric. This I did sew. Remember to sew your like sides together!!

I sewed a double hem because I thought it looked cleaner than a single.

And tada! Wesley's new laundry box :)

This was my first project I made with my NEW sewing machine my amazing Nana got me!
She told me that she got my mom and Aunt their first machines that they learned on and she felt honored to get me my first machine to learn on. So incredibly sweet!! <3

 And don't forget to relax after you craft your fingers off.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We all have them. Some more than others. Some figurative. Some actual. Some superficial. Some down to the bone.

I am nobody to tell someone how to heal from a wound; figurative or actual, superficial or deep. 

For me, I believe everything happens for a reason. So clique, I know. Out of tragedy normally comes something positive. It has taken me time to find peace in relation to certain events that have happened in my life. That's just it though; I have found peace.

I have had two spinal surgeries that took away my ability to dance Ballet. I was a teenager and was very bitter about giving up my dream. While I was hospitalized I had the most compassionate nurse who went above and beyond for me. Her outstanding care gave me the inspiration to become a Nurse and care for others the way she cared for me.

We have lost a child. One of the hardest things to face. Getting pregnant again was the scariest thing in the world for us. The fear of losing another child was palpable all the way up to delivery. Finding peace took years. Does it still kill me when I think about our angel; of course!! However, had we not lost our first child we would have never learned about my blood clotting disorders thereby saving my life, Wesley's life and any other future children we may decide to have.

I bear both types of scars as do many of you. 

These scars have made me stronger. These scars have given me perspective. These scars have shaped me.

We all have a life story. The scars are part of it. I choose to embrace mine.
What will you decide to do with your scars?

Love is in the air!!!

This past weekend Jimmy and I got the distinct honor of hosting a little Engagement celebration for our dear friends Greg and Ashley.

This couple actually got engaged November 20th last year but do to the holidays Jimmy and I felt it was better to wait to throw them a little something. We figured the weekend after Valentine's Day would be perfect. Love themed Engagement party?!?! Ah, I blush.

Her ring is gorgeous! It has a huge sentimental value as Greg placed diamonds in setting that were an heirloom! Again, I blush!

I did all the decorations myself (pats self on back!). You gotta love the dollar aisle at Target. And I am pretty sure you can do any craft with a hot glue gun, fabric glue and spray paint :0)

Ek, they are so cute!

I made this little banner out of doilies and bakers twine. Crafty huh?!?!

At first thought, I was unsure about the little wooden heart thingys but they really turned out good. I got a bag of assorted sizes at Michael's for $3. I spray painted some red to go with the theme. I used them on the banners, for little additions to finish a off an item and as confetti (I am so NOT a fan of real confetti...such a pain to clean up!)

Mmmmm Red Velvet and Vanilla cupcakes. Can you tell I have a LOVE of sprinkles?!?

The lollipops were a last minute addition to them but I feel that added a little extra love <3

Centerpieces on middle tables :0)

Cards and Gifts

Yummy food stuff. While I didn't do the food myself it was pretty delicious. :0)

Greg's Family 

Ashley's Grandparents

Us and Them (don't you like how I made Ashley take her shoes off so I wouldn't appear super short!)

The crew!

Oh and note to self for the future. Use a little more coverage before going all awesome on a project with spray paint. Opps :/

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I realized after my last post that I have been blessed to be there for sooooo many firsts with Wesley and the wonderful memories we have created as a family.

 Here's a few I figured I'd share with you :)

First Family Photo

First time being put on display!

First time meeting Grandma Donna

First time meeting Godmomma Nicole

First time meeting Nana Nancy

First time meeting Papa Jim

First time meeting Great-Grandma Kinane

First car ride!

First time meeting MARLEY!
First day Home!

First time meeting Great Nana!

First time meeting Auntie Vick!

First time in my crib!

Watching his first Giants game!

After my first bath!

First time rocking a pair of Vans!

First time playing on my playmat!

First playdate!

First Birthday party I went to!

First Thanksgiving!

First time Haylee held Wesley!

Wesley's First Ornament!

Wesley's First Christmas!

Wesley's First Valentine's Day!

Wesley's First ER visit!

First time meeting the Z's!
First road trip!

First St. Patrick's Day!

First time Wesley rolled over!

First time mommy let Marley and Wesley play together!

First Easter!

First "dog bite"!

First swing experience!

First time in the pool!

First Strawberry Festival!

First Baseball Game!

First Family Vacation!

First time in a life preserver!

First "light-up" toy experience!

First Concert!

First bubble bath!

First Fourth of July!

First ODU Football game!

First Wine Festival!

First ODU Homecoming!


First time picking a pumpkin!

First time petting a goat!

First Trick or Treat!

First Giants Jersey!

First mohawk!

I'm grateful for all the firsts, the seconds, the thirds and the ones to come.
I am SO grateful.