Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love is in the air!!!

This past weekend Jimmy and I got the distinct honor of hosting a little Engagement celebration for our dear friends Greg and Ashley.

This couple actually got engaged November 20th last year but do to the holidays Jimmy and I felt it was better to wait to throw them a little something. We figured the weekend after Valentine's Day would be perfect. Love themed Engagement party?!?! Ah, I blush.

Her ring is gorgeous! It has a huge sentimental value as Greg placed diamonds in setting that were an heirloom! Again, I blush!

I did all the decorations myself (pats self on back!). You gotta love the dollar aisle at Target. And I am pretty sure you can do any craft with a hot glue gun, fabric glue and spray paint :0)

Ek, they are so cute!

I made this little banner out of doilies and bakers twine. Crafty huh?!?!

At first thought, I was unsure about the little wooden heart thingys but they really turned out good. I got a bag of assorted sizes at Michael's for $3. I spray painted some red to go with the theme. I used them on the banners, for little additions to finish a off an item and as confetti (I am so NOT a fan of real confetti...such a pain to clean up!)

Mmmmm Red Velvet and Vanilla cupcakes. Can you tell I have a LOVE of sprinkles?!?

The lollipops were a last minute addition to them but I feel that added a little extra love <3

Centerpieces on middle tables :0)

Cards and Gifts

Yummy food stuff. While I didn't do the food myself it was pretty delicious. :0)

Greg's Family 

Ashley's Grandparents

Us and Them (don't you like how I made Ashley take her shoes off so I wouldn't appear super short!)

The crew!

Oh and note to self for the future. Use a little more coverage before going all awesome on a project with spray paint. Opps :/

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