Tuesday, February 26, 2013

baby bumps, one year olds and a dash of baby fever

Seriously, EVERYONE is PREGO!
And I couldn't be happier :) I love me some prego's. Why? Cause they like to eat and so do I and I love to rub some baby bumps (yeah, I'm that weird friend.) Two of my friends are even pregnant with TWINS! All the little cutest, I can't wait!

And not only is everyone on a mission to repopulate the planet but the two little ladies who are the youngest of Wesley's class are turning ONE. Once upon a time when I was rotund prego a bunch of us ZTA's (yes, I am a sorority girl. Shocking I know.) were all prego together. So little misses Ella Grace and BK are joining the 12 month group. (Speaking of I miss the crap-o-la out of you girls!) It is so nuts how fast time has gone and our bambinos are growing up. 

And all these prego's make me wanna re-join the group! Oh, baby fever this is what you feel like. We honestly need to wait to have another baby just due to space issues but whatever happens, happens if you get my drift. But that "new baby" smell and the little baby cuddles, oiy how I miss them!

That is all.

Oh and this...


Any of you got the fever?

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