Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why hello again

It's almost been a year since I wrote on this do-hicky. Whoa! Before you pull out the remarks about how much I suck at blogging let's come to the understanding that I had NO CLUE time went this quick! Where did the year go?!?! You know what has happened in a year??? Wes turned ONE. We got another dog. Jimmy and I both changed jobs. We got fish. Okay it really doesn't seemed like much has happened other than our apartment becoming an extension of Animal Jungle but it sure feels like it has!!

For instance the last time I blogged Wes looked like this:

Now he looks like this:

We only had ONE of these:

Now we have TWO:

Oh and THESE:

So enough of the pets.

Let's catch you up on other news.

Jimmy has taken on a different job description but due to the companies "no-blogging" clause I can't talk about what he does. Which makes it sound so dangerous and sexy. Reality, it is not. 

I am no longer working on a Trauma-Stepdown. I have made the full head-on swan dive into the ICU. The Neurosurgical ICU at that. Round of applause, thank you so much. It has a beautiful 2:1 ratio but don't let the meager thought of two patients to one nurse fool you. It is INTENSE. Most days I come home and cry or am utterly exhausted. It is mentally, emotionally and physically challenging and I LOVE IT!! Best decision ever made. EVER!

So, Wesley. Our dear Wesley. We should have named him CRAZY! He is the sweetest thing next to strawberry jelly but the kid just goes, goes, GOES! I am not kidding and he isn't even walking on his own yet. He will walk holding one of our hands, along the furniture, in-between the furniture, behind his stroll-a-long puppy walker-thingy but the kid refuses to take a step on his own. Lazy. That is primarily his only "delay". Other than that his Noonan's Syndrome has no real effect on him. We were given clearance by his cardiologist for a year (yay!) and only go every 6 months to his other doctors for routine check-ins. Educate yourself on Noonan's here. We have been truly blessed. Once we get clearance from his Hematologist he will have to have a minor operation; nothing serious just think of it as a little help for his "boys".

So maybe Ill actually get into this blogging thing again or maybe I won't. I just felt a re-vamp was due. :)

Stay tuned...

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