Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I realized after my last post that I have been blessed to be there for sooooo many firsts with Wesley and the wonderful memories we have created as a family.

 Here's a few I figured I'd share with you :)

First Family Photo

First time being put on display!

First time meeting Grandma Donna

First time meeting Godmomma Nicole

First time meeting Nana Nancy

First time meeting Papa Jim

First time meeting Great-Grandma Kinane

First car ride!

First time meeting MARLEY!
First day Home!

First time meeting Great Nana!

First time meeting Auntie Vick!

First time in my crib!

Watching his first Giants game!

After my first bath!

First time rocking a pair of Vans!

First time playing on my playmat!

First playdate!

First Birthday party I went to!

First Thanksgiving!

First time Haylee held Wesley!

Wesley's First Ornament!

Wesley's First Christmas!

Wesley's First Valentine's Day!

Wesley's First ER visit!

First time meeting the Z's!
First road trip!

First St. Patrick's Day!

First time Wesley rolled over!

First time mommy let Marley and Wesley play together!

First Easter!

First "dog bite"!

First swing experience!

First time in the pool!

First Strawberry Festival!

First Baseball Game!

First Family Vacation!

First time in a life preserver!

First "light-up" toy experience!

First Concert!

First bubble bath!

First Fourth of July!

First ODU Football game!

First Wine Festival!

First ODU Homecoming!


First time picking a pumpkin!

First time petting a goat!

First Trick or Treat!

First Giants Jersey!

First mohawk!

I'm grateful for all the firsts, the seconds, the thirds and the ones to come.
I am SO grateful.

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The Salisbury Family said...

So cute! Give you baby fever? Haha.