Tuesday, March 26, 2013

pull up those laces...

Weird facto, Jimmy is not the most observant of persons and lately I thought he had been a little more off in la-la land than usual. 
Surprise; he hasn't been.
We have talked a lot lately about how "off" I have been lately.
He plainly said, "I think you just need a break. Several days by yourself to get back to you."
That seriously is not an option between the kiddo and the whole business of saving lives.
Next best thing: outlet.
Not a shopping outlet, an aggression outlet.
My very, very, very good friend Ashley has been working on her fitness the past couple of months and invited me to tag along.
This is no ordinary workout.
I go to bootcamp classes with her some mornings and a core/strength building class some nights.
Whenever I go Jimmy is home to take over watching Wes so I don't have to worry about a babysitter.
You sweat, you grunt, you push yourself.
I have a positive outlet to recharge.
I've only been to several classes but I can already feel a change in body and mind.

There's me in the corner about to die.
If you are in VB check them out!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So, I have been a bit behind in blogging lately.
Lots of things going on these days.
Anyways onto the nitty gritty.

If you have hung out with me recently you may have noticed I seem off.
I have been in quite in what some people would term 'a mood'.
I haven't felt normal.
I'm cranky.
I'm finicky.
Pretty much the opposite of what I normally am.

Work has been a little tough lately but I get past those things pretty quick.
There isn't a real/actual/logical reason to tell you the truth I just feel grumpy.
Well maybe there is...

Jimmy's birthday was this past weekend. 
Yay, birthdays are always so much fun. 
But, I really wasn't getting into the 'birthday planning mood' so I asked Jimmy if we could go light this year. He agreed since last year I went pretty big.
Jimmy turned 27 (yes, he is younger than I). 
I will be 29 in the fall.
That's it...the last year of my 20's.
That's when it all sunk in. 
I will be 30 soon.
Like seriously, WHOA.

I had a plan and I'm pretty sure said plan will not be finalized by its goal end date of my 30th birthday.

2 kids

That's a lot to accomplish with a year and a half deadline.
I've always been my worst critic and harder on myself than I should.
I'm not looking for a pick me up.
I'm not looking for a cheerleader.
I just needed to put this out in writing.
For. Myself.
Maybe it'll spark the gears within to forget the number 30 and actually starting the path to achieve my goals.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Odds and Ends

Well I haven't been crafting much this last week. Mostly due to working 4 nights in a row (blah, ugh, grrr) #grownupissues

But I was able to add some odds and ends around the casa.

Found these little guys on Etsy. You can get them custom colored to match your bath theme. I know I probably could have just bought the printable version but then I would have to buy ink and high quality paper. And I am seriously just too lazy for that and ordered actual prints from the Wallfry.
I found the frames from Ikea.

Add a little candle accent from Target... 

 and presto.chango Wesley's/Guest bath is donzo!
(only a year and a half later...)

 haha photobomb!

Since we are right by Wesley's room. Let's see the little addition I done did in there.
Remember when we fixed Wesley's closet situation.
We are still waiting on the gate but I was already tired of being "closed in" when I needed to hang up Wesley's clothes.

Solution = Hooks.
Drapery Hooks to be exact.
$10 for the set at Target.
(I have an issue with Target. Can you tell?)
And I apparently can't take a straight picture to save my life!

On to our little "dining room".
New table display.
I got the lantern thingy.mbob at Target on clearance for $7.
Rocks at Ollie's for 60 cents.
Red star.thingy I've had but I also got it at Target in their dollar aisle.
Oh and a lovely repurposed wine bottle (thinking of replacing it with a gallon sized Mason jar...)
Time to go antiquing!!!

I moved the place settings off the table because it looked too cluttered.
I also moved the other things I had there before around the apartment.

And I'm on the hunt for a rectangular/tall looking accent table (I think they are called sofa tables) to go in our "hallway".

Something like this...

Don't you think it would look.a.nice right there under my wall "shrub"?!?

Monday, March 4, 2013

one of the best. ok the best but I am biased.

I can remember vividly my mother saying, "you will never understand until you have kids!" 
My childhood was good. My brother, sister and I grew up comfortably never at a loss or in actual need of the basics. Plus our parents loved us; fiercely.

Due to the fierce love my mom gave to us; I have grown up to love my spouse, my friends and mostly my child fiercely. 

When I say fierce love I mean the type of love that shapes us as human beings. The love that comes through when you have done everything to try and discourage that love but it still comes through beaming (does that even make sense?!?) A love so strong you gain an intuition about a persons current state of mind.

The relationship my mom and I share has always been close but through the birth of the bouncing baby boy, we have become even closer. I call her for advice about everything. Insurance advice, tax advice, marriage advice, life advice, my-child-is-driving-me-up-the-wall advice. Everything. We laugh a lot. Cry a lot. There is nothing I would fear telling my mom.

Lately, as Wes has started to walk and become more and more vocal. I have caught myself saying things my mom once said to me growing up. I stop in my tracks and chuckle. Mom was right. 
Mom is always right.

I love my mom and feel very lucky to have the relationship I have with her. She has taught me so much about respect, love and having enough balls to go against the grain and make my own path.

And mom passed her 2 year cancer-versary in January 2013 and I was a slacker-of-a-daughter and didn't post anything about it. Merp. Well I am now.

I'm so happy you chose to fight.
I'm so happy you continue to fight.
I'm so happy for the love you have for me, my husband and our son.
I'm so happy to have you at my side.
I can never thank you enough for your teachings, your inspiration, your pure AWESOMENESS.
No words will ever fully express my emotions.

I love you mom.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The closet situation

Ok, remember back when we re-did Wesley's room and then remodeled a box into a laundry box well we still needed a solution for keeping Wes out of his closet and getting into things.

First Step:
Get rid of awful.mirrored closet doors. We rent so as much as I would have loved to throw them off our second floor balcony I kindly placed them in our utility closet.

See. Doors gone. Whoa it's a mess in there...
(See why I don't want him to have free access to that craziness)

Next step.
 Place curtain on curtain rod and fix tension rod to proper length.

Next step.
See how in the above photo the extra curtain length. 
I didn't want to cut the extra off so I decided I would hem it up. 
I folded up the corner where I wanted my hem to be and pinned it.

Off to my handy workbench AKA the kitchen counter.
I measure from my pin up how much I would need to hem. 
(look at that I actually got a yard stick!)
Then I pinned along as I measured.

And I got a small pair of sewing scissors (on clearance!)
My am I coming up in the world of sewing.

Oh, yeah I forget these are the curtains. Got them at Target. $9.99 a panel
I got 2 panels. I am sure you can handle the math there.

I ironed where my crease needed to be. 
Probably a better place to be doing this than my kitchen counter maybe, I don't know; 
an ironing board.

Yeah, this thing.

Ok, time to sew!

I sewed 1/4 inch from the bottom.

And then 1/4 inch from the top.

Place in dryer to get all the folds out and freshen the fabric up a bit.

Place on tension rod. And put up!

Now the baby gate.
Darn, too short!
Should have measured...back to Target. :/ 
(Big.fat.boo well apparently neither Target or Baby.crap.Us had the size gate we needed)
It's all good we found it on Amazon.
Should be arriving shortly :)

So I am thinking this looks rather well dull...
(check out that box!!!! Ugh I die! I should make another one...)

And this kid just popped out of the closet and dumped over his laundry box...
because "It's so much fun mommy!"
(not for long kid, not for long!)
[oh and those outlets are covered, I swear]

These curtains need an accent.
A sash maybe?!?
Yes, a sash!
But I don't like that I can see into the closet though. 
Hmmmmm, I got a plan!!!

(Sorry about the crappy lighting)
I measured 34 inches from the bottom of my "sash" to the top of the curtain

Pin the crap out of it!

 Sew that guy on!
Repeat on other panel.
Remember we used 2!

O.M.G soooo much better!
(Again, I apologize about the horrible lighting)

I can't believe I actually lined these suckers up perfect!
I have been sewing for a whole whopping 20 minutes total in my entire life.
I am seriously so proud of myself!

Ok, so back to the project I really liked the gathered look... 
Like in this photo but how do I get it now that I have already sewed on my sashy sash??

I thought about velcro.
I thought about adding ties.
But, frankly I'm digging it being down now that it has been that way for a few days.

I might add some shelves and possibly some curtain hooks in the future if I can find them on clearance.
And maybe I'll make a tag rug to place underneath to hide those hideous tracks from the go-awful mirrored doors!
Even if they're not the color I need there is always spray paint. :)
This maybe a minor project to you but it was HUGE for me!

Now, maybe I will actually get to my next project.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mommy time out

I have currently put myself in Mommy-time-out for the next hour.

Sometimes, I let the overwhelmingness of it all get to me. I say things dripping in sarcasm, spitefully or just down right mean. I kick myself the moment these comments come out of my mouth and the normal victim; Jimmy walks away letting me know I crossed the line.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has done this.

Today was a busy day. We had our first experience with Little Gym. Seriously, super fun! Also, super tiring. When Wes and I got home we napped. I didn't sleep well last night so I was extra tired and I kinda well zonked out. Jimmy came home right when Wes was getting up and took over and let me nap a bit longer.

Fast forward, Jimmy wakes me around 6 so I'll be able to somewhat regulate my sleep for tonight. I get up make Wes his smoothie (more on that later) while Jimmy fixes the rest of dinner.

Fast forward a little longer. I was getting the bath ready for Wes when Crosby (our adopted furry baby) started peeing all over the bathroom. I of course, flip. 

A: When was the last time you had the dogs out?
J: Not since I have been home
A: (enter spiteful tone )Why, not?!? I last had them out at 230. Why didn't you take them out when you got home? 
J: I had Wes.
A: Soooooo, I take care of Wes all day and still manage to take the dogs out every few hours.
J: Well there is no reason to get an attitude with me about it.
End of conversation has been reached as I fill the washer with a urine soaked towel and floor mat. (rather loudly too)

I took Wes, gave him his bath, got him ready for bed, brushed his teeth and put him down as Jimmy cleaned up the kitchen and took the dogs out. All while being silent. 

The whole entire time knowing I was in the wrong, dreading to have to say the words "I was wrong". And eventually having to give up an apology. If you know me at.all you will know apologies do not come easy for me.

I understand every couple has their tifts. We get through them quickly. We talk about our feelings when we both have cooled off. And we move forward.

Speaking of which, my time out is up...

How do you and your spouse handle arguments? 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

baby bumps, one year olds and a dash of baby fever

Seriously, EVERYONE is PREGO!
And I couldn't be happier :) I love me some prego's. Why? Cause they like to eat and so do I and I love to rub some baby bumps (yeah, I'm that weird friend.) Two of my friends are even pregnant with TWINS! All the little cutest, I can't wait!

And not only is everyone on a mission to repopulate the planet but the two little ladies who are the youngest of Wesley's class are turning ONE. Once upon a time when I was rotund prego a bunch of us ZTA's (yes, I am a sorority girl. Shocking I know.) were all prego together. So little misses Ella Grace and BK are joining the 12 month group. (Speaking of I miss the crap-o-la out of you girls!) It is so nuts how fast time has gone and our bambinos are growing up. 

And all these prego's make me wanna re-join the group! Oh, baby fever this is what you feel like. We honestly need to wait to have another baby just due to space issues but whatever happens, happens if you get my drift. But that "new baby" smell and the little baby cuddles, oiy how I miss them!

That is all.

Oh and this...


Any of you got the fever?

Monday, February 25, 2013

A bag purchase that was meant to be...

Well if you are a Facebook friend of mine you would have seen the lovely post where I spent an hour at the Virginia Beach City Second Precent waiting to regain some property.

But let me begin from well the beginning...

This week I worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. Got home Friday morning and did my usual; sleep. I admit I slept good. I didn't work again until Saturday night. So I drove to work Saturday night, parked in the garage and went to the back seat to get my work bag only to find it was MIA. Strange. I never take my bag inside the house (you know fear of bringing some random disease into our home). But HONESTLY I couldn't remember what I had done with it, just thought it was strange. Went about my shift then drove back home in the morning, checked the house. Still no bag. Strange. On my way to work Sunday night I got a blocked call on my way in. I never answer those calls; seriously who does?!? I listened to the voicemail. My bag had been found in a park and someone turned it into the POLICE! I was floored. At first I was like, it was STOLEN?!?!?!?! Then I was like cool I get my bag back, thirty-one bags aren't expensive but they aren't cheap. But then I was like how did they get my bag? So, I was like I must not have locked the car door after my three night run of shifts, my bad but cool I get my bag back. Then I was like OMG, someone who I do.not.know was ruffling through MY car. Enter freak out/feelings of violations/more freaking out/I feel like to get ADT on the phone NOW. I told the police I had to work that night but would get it on Monday.

Enter today...

There were a few things missing when I got it back. There were two things in my bag of value; one sentimental, one of actual value and BOTH were still in the bag. A heartbeat-in-a-bottle of the first patient I had the honor of helping pass and a $125 Bebe purse (there was nothing in it) but I guess the people who took my bag were not educated enough to realize the value of what they had instead they took a brand new toothbrush and a water bottle. Whatever; I got my bag, my purse and my heartbeat-in-a-bottle back. Still, I cannot shake the uneasy feeling of someone taking advantage of an opportunity as simple as an unlocked car door.

But, this story gets better.

So, I really wanted to know how the police found me and got my property returned. There were a few business cards in my work bag from various educators at the hospital who have managed my transfer to the ICU. The only item with my name on it was my critical care internship binder. That's it. No other identifiers. They contacted one of the educators who looked up my employee file and BAM they found me. They also contacted Jimmy because he was listed as my emergency contact and I guess because it all looked suspicious that my workbag was found in a park (and not me) they thought something had happened to me. How sweet...Thanks work, lady.who.found.my.stuff and the VB police for your concern.

So now my bag is in the washer, I've tossed the papers that are unsalvageable, my faith in humanity is discouraged but at the same time is heightened for person who did do the right thing and I am trying to regain a simple sense of security...maybe some wine will help.

Glad to have it back. I'm thinking I should now give her a name...

The only identifier...

My Bebe bag that they didn't take...idiots


Heartbeat-in-a-bottle...glad they didn't take this

Destroyed ACLS book.

All in all. I know this really isn't a HUGE deal. No one was hurt. No windows need to be replaced. And the thing that really mattered to me got back to me; I really could have cared less if they had taken the bag it was the heartbeat-in-a-bottle I had hoped hadn't been lost upon finding out my property was stolen. There is my silver lining.

Moral to me = Lock the damn car door.
Moral to you = Lock the damn car door.
Note to the thieves = I hope you are brushing your teeth with that nice new toothbrush you went through all that trouble to get.