Saturday, March 2, 2013

The closet situation

Ok, remember back when we re-did Wesley's room and then remodeled a box into a laundry box well we still needed a solution for keeping Wes out of his closet and getting into things.

First Step:
Get rid of awful.mirrored closet doors. We rent so as much as I would have loved to throw them off our second floor balcony I kindly placed them in our utility closet.

See. Doors gone. Whoa it's a mess in there...
(See why I don't want him to have free access to that craziness)

Next step.
 Place curtain on curtain rod and fix tension rod to proper length.

Next step.
See how in the above photo the extra curtain length. 
I didn't want to cut the extra off so I decided I would hem it up. 
I folded up the corner where I wanted my hem to be and pinned it.

Off to my handy workbench AKA the kitchen counter.
I measure from my pin up how much I would need to hem. 
(look at that I actually got a yard stick!)
Then I pinned along as I measured.

And I got a small pair of sewing scissors (on clearance!)
My am I coming up in the world of sewing.

Oh, yeah I forget these are the curtains. Got them at Target. $9.99 a panel
I got 2 panels. I am sure you can handle the math there.

I ironed where my crease needed to be. 
Probably a better place to be doing this than my kitchen counter maybe, I don't know; 
an ironing board.

Yeah, this thing.

Ok, time to sew!

I sewed 1/4 inch from the bottom.

And then 1/4 inch from the top.

Place in dryer to get all the folds out and freshen the fabric up a bit.

Place on tension rod. And put up!

Now the baby gate.
Darn, too short!
Should have measured...back to Target. :/ 
( well apparently neither Target or Baby.crap.Us had the size gate we needed)
It's all good we found it on Amazon.
Should be arriving shortly :)

So I am thinking this looks rather well dull...
(check out that box!!!! Ugh I die! I should make another one...)

And this kid just popped out of the closet and dumped over his laundry box...
because "It's so much fun mommy!"
(not for long kid, not for long!)
[oh and those outlets are covered, I swear]

These curtains need an accent.
A sash maybe?!?
Yes, a sash!
But I don't like that I can see into the closet though. 
Hmmmmm, I got a plan!!!

(Sorry about the crappy lighting)
I measured 34 inches from the bottom of my "sash" to the top of the curtain

Pin the crap out of it!

 Sew that guy on!
Repeat on other panel.
Remember we used 2!

O.M.G soooo much better!
(Again, I apologize about the horrible lighting)

I can't believe I actually lined these suckers up perfect!
I have been sewing for a whole whopping 20 minutes total in my entire life.
I am seriously so proud of myself!

Ok, so back to the project I really liked the gathered look... 
Like in this photo but how do I get it now that I have already sewed on my sashy sash??

I thought about velcro.
I thought about adding ties.
But, frankly I'm digging it being down now that it has been that way for a few days.

I might add some shelves and possibly some curtain hooks in the future if I can find them on clearance.
And maybe I'll make a tag rug to place underneath to hide those hideous tracks from the go-awful mirrored doors!
Even if they're not the color I need there is always spray paint. :)
This maybe a minor project to you but it was HUGE for me!

Now, maybe I will actually get to my next project.

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