Monday, March 4, 2013

one of the best. ok the best but I am biased.

I can remember vividly my mother saying, "you will never understand until you have kids!" 
My childhood was good. My brother, sister and I grew up comfortably never at a loss or in actual need of the basics. Plus our parents loved us; fiercely.

Due to the fierce love my mom gave to us; I have grown up to love my spouse, my friends and mostly my child fiercely. 

When I say fierce love I mean the type of love that shapes us as human beings. The love that comes through when you have done everything to try and discourage that love but it still comes through beaming (does that even make sense?!?) A love so strong you gain an intuition about a persons current state of mind.

The relationship my mom and I share has always been close but through the birth of the bouncing baby boy, we have become even closer. I call her for advice about everything. Insurance advice, tax advice, marriage advice, life advice, my-child-is-driving-me-up-the-wall advice. Everything. We laugh a lot. Cry a lot. There is nothing I would fear telling my mom.

Lately, as Wes has started to walk and become more and more vocal. I have caught myself saying things my mom once said to me growing up. I stop in my tracks and chuckle. Mom was right. 
Mom is always right.

I love my mom and feel very lucky to have the relationship I have with her. She has taught me so much about respect, love and having enough balls to go against the grain and make my own path.

And mom passed her 2 year cancer-versary in January 2013 and I was a slacker-of-a-daughter and didn't post anything about it. Merp. Well I am now.

I'm so happy you chose to fight.
I'm so happy you continue to fight.
I'm so happy for the love you have for me, my husband and our son.
I'm so happy to have you at my side.
I can never thank you enough for your teachings, your inspiration, your pure AWESOMENESS.
No words will ever fully express my emotions.

I love you mom.

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