Monday, March 11, 2013

Odds and Ends

Well I haven't been crafting much this last week. Mostly due to working 4 nights in a row (blah, ugh, grrr) #grownupissues

But I was able to add some odds and ends around the casa.

Found these little guys on Etsy. You can get them custom colored to match your bath theme. I know I probably could have just bought the printable version but then I would have to buy ink and high quality paper. And I am seriously just too lazy for that and ordered actual prints from the Wallfry.
I found the frames from Ikea.

Add a little candle accent from Target... 

 and presto.chango Wesley's/Guest bath is donzo!
(only a year and a half later...)

 haha photobomb!

Since we are right by Wesley's room. Let's see the little addition I done did in there.
Remember when we fixed Wesley's closet situation.
We are still waiting on the gate but I was already tired of being "closed in" when I needed to hang up Wesley's clothes.

Solution = Hooks.
Drapery Hooks to be exact.
$10 for the set at Target.
(I have an issue with Target. Can you tell?)
And I apparently can't take a straight picture to save my life!

On to our little "dining room".
New table display.
I got the lantern thingy.mbob at Target on clearance for $7.
Rocks at Ollie's for 60 cents.
Red star.thingy I've had but I also got it at Target in their dollar aisle.
Oh and a lovely repurposed wine bottle (thinking of replacing it with a gallon sized Mason jar...)
Time to go antiquing!!!

I moved the place settings off the table because it looked too cluttered.
I also moved the other things I had there before around the apartment.

And I'm on the hunt for a rectangular/tall looking accent table (I think they are called sofa tables) to go in our "hallway".

Something like this...

Don't you think it would look.a.nice right there under my wall "shrub"?!?

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