Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So, I have been a bit behind in blogging lately.
Lots of things going on these days.
Anyways onto the nitty gritty.

If you have hung out with me recently you may have noticed I seem off.
I have been in quite in what some people would term 'a mood'.
I haven't felt normal.
I'm cranky.
I'm finicky.
Pretty much the opposite of what I normally am.

Work has been a little tough lately but I get past those things pretty quick.
There isn't a real/actual/logical reason to tell you the truth I just feel grumpy.
Well maybe there is...

Jimmy's birthday was this past weekend. 
Yay, birthdays are always so much fun. 
But, I really wasn't getting into the 'birthday planning mood' so I asked Jimmy if we could go light this year. He agreed since last year I went pretty big.
Jimmy turned 27 (yes, he is younger than I). 
I will be 29 in the fall.
That's it...the last year of my 20's.
That's when it all sunk in. 
I will be 30 soon.
Like seriously, WHOA.

I had a plan and I'm pretty sure said plan will not be finalized by its goal end date of my 30th birthday.

2 kids

That's a lot to accomplish with a year and a half deadline.
I've always been my worst critic and harder on myself than I should.
I'm not looking for a pick me up.
I'm not looking for a cheerleader.
I just needed to put this out in writing.
For. Myself.
Maybe it'll spark the gears within to forget the number 30 and actually starting the path to achieve my goals.

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