Friday, February 22, 2013

Box Remodel.

After we re.done.did Wesley's room (check that out here) and got the addition of a baby gate I felt ok with leaving Wes alone for a few moments if I needed to do so. You know to switch over laundry, grab a cup of coffee, pee by myself, you know whatever and I am seriously talking about mere moments here people. Well anyways I would always come back to find Wesley in his closet and his folding laundry basket tossed around. We have a plan for the closet debacle but I had to do something about the laundry basket thing because Wes could easily get his fingers pinched when playing with it. I had seen all these no-sew-box cover things on Pinterest. Genius. I could use some left over fabric from his crib settings and it would be all matchy matchy and cute. 

So ready for a photo montage???

Get your box... (side note love me some Honest Company)

Rip the top tabs off and trim up the edges

hopefully with some better scissors than these...I have yet to buy sewing shears and couldn't find my kitchen ones :/ Merp do what you can 

Got your clean edges?
Cool. Next time around I'll probably tape the edges off...

I measured 1/2 inch around the base of the box.

 I originally thought I could pull this off with hot glue...not so much I ended up using Mod Podge because I could not find my fabric glue. Next time I do this I plan on having the proper materials...

See how bumpy the hot glue turned out. Modge podge worked great. I think they make one specifically to use with fabric...not sure though.

So I "Nurse-Cornered" the corners up.

 Gonna need more of coffee...

I don't have a pic of the covering of the sides but basically I wrapped the box with enough extra fabric to fold into the open end of the box. I also cut about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the box.

I took a contrasting fabric and made a thick "ribbon" around the bottom. This I did hot glue but I'm sure you could use the iron-on adhesive stuff which I will probably do the next time around.

Your box should like this now...

So with the MP I figured just using it on the edges and pulling the fabric taunt was better. Because when you paint the whole box side of it this is what happens... (And the is a pic of the finished product after everything had dried. But it's the back side of the box so merp :/)

I made a liner that could be removed and washed with another contrasting fabric. This I did sew. Remember to sew your like sides together!!

I sewed a double hem because I thought it looked cleaner than a single.

And tada! Wesley's new laundry box :)

This was my first project I made with my NEW sewing machine my amazing Nana got me!
She told me that she got my mom and Aunt their first machines that they learned on and she felt honored to get me my first machine to learn on. So incredibly sweet!! <3

 And don't forget to relax after you craft your fingers off.

Enjoy your weekend!


Mrs. H said...

Love this! And you're so smart withthe liner. I wish I could sew!

Heather said...

So cute! We love honest diapers too!!