Monday, June 6, 2011

Graduation Domination

The long awaited Graduation post!
(HUGE! Smile inserted here)
So after many, many years, various bad choices, life’s interruptions we have come to this point…

At the...

My cousin, Greg came from Australia and my brother and his family came from Florida and it truly meant the world to me that they were there(tear!)The rest of my family also attended and two awesome friends who I consider family!

So here we go a little photo montage for you...

(Quite classic I think.)

(This not so much but I was STARVING!)

(Getting nervous waiting to walk.)


(Yep! It's real...I checked!!)

(HAHA! Being silly!)

(Couldn't have done it without him!)

(Two of the most important men in my life!!!)

(I love these guys so much! [Look at my sis-in-laws little baby bump...I love it!!])

(The FAM!)

(MY Bestie...Nicole you'll be walking across that stage before you know it!!! I'm so proud of you already!)

(Mimi my happy she was there!)

Without the support of my family and friends (several of who couldn't make it to my graduation ceremony) finishing Nursing School would have been near impossible.

So not only have I graduated but I do have a job lined up pending my passing of NCLEX (the boards nurses have to take to be licensed to practice).

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