Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a dash of crazy :)

OOOOOO where to begin…
I feel like I’m back at my “word salad” days.
I’ll try my darndest to organize the jungle of thoughts crawling around in this brain of mine but I make NO promises!
Okie dokie so here we go:

Men don’t get it (or at least mine)…Or maybe it is me

Lately there has been quite a bit of harsh words being exchanged between the Jimbo and me. The usual blissful house of Kinane has lately been riddled with spits, spats, and yea a few hissy fits. Fault is not important it just always ends with the same way; I scream, “You just don’t understand!” I’m in tears and Jimbo just stares at me like some alien form has taken over his wife. And let’s not forget poor Marley who just sits in the middle of the room staring at both us and pondering who to console first.

Issue 1

I want to use a Doula.

Jimmy doesn’t understand the use of one and the importance of their presence through the labor process [pre- and post- pushing the watermelon out]. While natural childbirth is still a card on the table I am not completely ruling out the use of an epidural. I know I am supposed to be all womanly and take childbirth like a champ and I am going to try but this image always gets stuck in my head…

Issue 2

I have become SUPER sensitive!!!!

The days of ‘Angie; woman made of steel’ are gone [as evidence by a previous post…remembering juicing of own lemons :*(]. So things that wouldn’t normally graze a hair on my head now extremely break me down to the point that would put a three-year-old to shame. Jimmy I believe forgets this factoid on a regular basis and I believe I do take things a little too personally… [SN: I am in NO way admitting I am wrong I am simply stating a fact!] Either way the tears continue.

We got nothing…seriously nothing

SERIOUSLY! We are now at the 17 week point [yay!] and we don’t have a onesie, a binky, a stroller, a crib, a cloth diaper…NOTHING!!!
I have never felt so insecure and unprepared in
I am a nurse [ha that feels so cool to finally say]. Nurses like to be prepared, know what is gonna happen and have plenty of alcohol swabs in our pockets to disinfect anything.
I know it all comes in time I am just ready to be ready…

Moving..its gonna happen

So the Jimbo and I have decided that we will not be renewing our lease come September. I am very sad about this but this decision is for the best. We have decided to move to a place a little lighter on the rent with a washer/dryer. The in-laws have been fabulous in allowing us to use their laundering facilities since we moved into our beach bungalow almost two years ago but with a little one on the way I know more laundering will be necessary than our usual haul. [Big thanks to the in-laws!!!!]
Sooo…this means a move in September…when I am 7 months pregnant. All favors will be called in. Beer will be brought for bribery. It’s gonna take a team of people to make this happen! Love you all in advance for the help :)
And with our saved change on rent…we shall hopefully become HOME OWNERS!!!!!!

Happy News

I have to leave you all on a happy note cause this post seems a little morose.
Baby movement has begun!
Pop tart seems to prefer the left side. Most movement seems to be at night or if I am lying down in any way.

18 days til we find out if pop tart is a Wesley or a Madeline :)

oh...a grauation post is coming I am just waiting on photos..uh hmmm GREG!

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