Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lovenox Shmovenox

As many have read on my Facebook page I have been giving myself daily shots.

Well I must give credit where credit is due so big thanks to Jimbo and Nicole for alternating on giving me these shots on the days where I can’t suck it up and do it myself.

Ok, so why?

Why the shots?

So because I am considered “high-risk” I see the two doctor groups remember; regular guys and the scary ones. Well the scary ones [EVMS] decided they wanted to run a genetic blood panel testing for all kinds of bleeding or clotting disorders. So after they withdrew twelve, hold on I didn’t do that right; TWELVE tubes of blood and a month later we have a few of the results back. Some of the genetic tests actually can take up to 3 months to get back which would mean I won’t get some results back ‘til my 7th month of pregnancy. Crazy, I know.

So the results:


A bunch of letters that basically mean I am at high risk for blood clots.
Treatment: 81mg chewable baby aspirin and 1mg folic acid a day
Interpretation: Not too shabby I can handle that.

More Info:

2. Antiphosolipid Antibody Syndrome
(Hughes Syndrome)

This is another type of clotting disorder. Auto-immune, lifelong treatment, linked to other diseases such as Lupus and MS.
Treatment: Shot of Lovenox [a blood thinner] daily
Interpretation: FREAKED OUT.

More Info:

I must admit I took this news like a ton of bricks.
I cried. Cried some more. And finally; acceptance.

So the doctor’s say:
These two genetic disorders could have been the original cause of us losing Gregory.
These tests would NOT have been performed had we not lost Gregory.
So finally something good comes out of tragedy.

So here is a look at the “pharmacy”:

Well I totally empathize with diabetics.

So yea, this new regimen blows a lot , but it is what it is and Baby Kinane is doing just fine.
Bouncy around and enjoying “her” space while “she” has it!

Thanks to all who have helped in lifting my spirits over the last few weeks.

On an upside, I have my 13 week appointment today [even though I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow] with the regular guys and hope to hear ‘pop tart’ and all “her” glory!!!

'Pop tart' came fromm my overwhelming cravings for blueberry pop tarts! [ha...see Jimmy it's a girl!]

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The Salisbury Family said...

Thank you for such a fast update =) Now hopefully you can keep up at this pace! haha! And anytime with the shots, I rather enjoy having my own personal pincushion!