Monday, May 9, 2011

Roller Coaster of WHOA!!

Yes life has its ups and its down.

We are all aware. But I never imagined the emotionality of being pregnant would be this extreme.

While having a plethora of doctor appointments is great so that ‘pop tart’ gets checked regularly and I get to exhale a major sigh of relief. But I am right back to holding it the minute I step out of the doctor’s office ‘til the next time I stroll in and they check for a heartbeat. So needless to say I am becoming emotionally overworked and the doctors!!! I love comments like, “We can’t completely reassure you but things look good right now”, “We can’t say exactly what the statistics are but you ‘should’ be fine”, and my all time favorite “We know you are worried but try to relax.”

I wish.
Oh and poor Jimmy.
I am pretty sure he didn’t realize how much drama and tears he would be in for.

[And I cry over just about everything even the spilled soy milk.]
Songs in the car. Movies. Mother’s Day wishes and cards. The grocery store was out of pre-made lemon juice and I cried at the idea of having to juice my own lemons. See every.thing.

And then of course right after I am done bawling my eyes out I am fine, dandy and ready to eat something deep fried and smothered in chocolate [or peanut butter].

I know this post isn’t as fluffy and happy as normal but today I feel like being a crabby pants.

Other changes:
The driest skin no matter how much lotion I use.
The “twins” have actually decreased in size [they were quite swollen during the first trimester!]
T-shirts and dresses still fit but pants are now held up by the Belly Band. I am not at the point of maternity jeans, yet!
No strange food cravings as of yet I just want what I want when I want it.

And seriously hoping for a surge in "happy" hormones!

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The Salisbury Family said...

OK, I know you don't this is funny but it makes me giggle =) Don't worry, one day (maybe AFTER you have her, but one day) you will go back and laugh at this post! Love ya =)