Monday, May 16, 2011

A little torture may be involved

Well since we are waiting [not by my choice of course] ‘til our actual 20th week to find out if ‘pop tart’ will be a Madeline or a Wesley I have nothing to purchase, peruse, or in Jimmy’s word spend every last red cent we have.
So I have come to the decision [on my own!] of what reward I will receive for being so patient in finding out the gender of this bouncy baby Kinane.
And drum roll please...

It swivels, it rocks, it’s squishy and it comes in corduroy.

This is the man’s equivalent to a right-by-the-side-of-the-couch-self-pouring-keg.
Don’t you just want to pat me on the back and say that is the perfect present to get one’s self for being a patient and doting mother-to-be.

The kicker to this majestic self-gift is the price tag.
Enter torture.

I may have to resort to some manipulative and deceiving actions to make this purchase possible [it’s ok Jimmy doesn’t read the ‘family’ blog so I’m in the clear to discuss openly]. Blackmail, bringing up a few “remember when?’s”, and a little bribery will be involved but this guy will, I repeat WILL be in Madeline/Wesley’s nursery come birthing time.

So onto the stuff you guys love to know about this ever changing carrier-of-life:

Mood: TONS better this week, I feel happy, I feel good and Jimmy is still alive.
Tummy region: My sides are tender and I have a feeling Maternity jeans will be purchased in the next week.
Swelling: None.
Girls: Chillin.
Weight: Still at 126…even though I eat alllllll the time!
Things that make you go huh?: I have had increasingly more belly rubs. I don’t really mind them. It’s just kinda odd to be touched in one area by so many people. I almost feel like a puppy and people are trying to get me to do that leg thing when they rub my belly.

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