Friday, April 29, 2011

a little late but that's okay

Ok, yeah I know I have been slacking on the blog lately but seriously there has been some serious stuff going on!

Numero Uno


It's coming to an end in a big way like it's over in two weeks kind.of.way!!!

Crazy, I know!

Now it's time to get a job, pay off those student loans

But hey as is life. I am just stoked to be DONE!!

And check out my graduation announcements!


Numero Two (forgot the spanish word for two)


Okay yeah I know I already made the big Facebook announcement but we have actually known for awhile...

[...yeah we found out my eggo was preggo before we went to California]

Many of you are familiar with our angel, Gregory.

Well due to my previous pregnancy experience I am being very closely followed by two teams of doctors.

My regular OB practice.

And the doctors with the scary lights; Fetal Maternal Medicine at EVMS.

Both teams have poked, proded and taken more blood than the Red Cross but this all to make sure Baby Kinane is in good well; uterus!

And plus I get so many more oppurtunities to see my [ok, our] bambino!

hmmm boy or girl?!?!
what do you think, I'm thinking pink!

And Numero Tres

Oh and to make sure mommy and baby are extra safe we purchased a new, snazzy, dazzy vehicle.


Momma like.

Momma love.

And Daddy gets no touchy!

Ok well that's about it for now!

And I PROMISE to update this sucker more often!

[fingers crossed!]


Jacki said...

Angie and Jimmy! Congratulations! Best news, this beats the Royal Wedding!

B* said...

So excited for y'all! Yayay. Love you

The Salisbury Family said...

OK you didn't tell me you had an ultrasound showing HER parts!! It TOTALLY looks like a girl... I think I see the 3 lines!!!!