Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kinanes in California


Finally, the west coast!!
This trip spawned from both Jimmy and I being stressed to the max.

One day he came home and without even saying 'hello' to me blourts out,
"On your Spring Break you wanna go to Sonoma?"
My reply was quick, "YES! Can we leave now?!?!"
Well after finding some amazing deals on flights, hotel, and a rental car; our trip was booked!
We flew into San Fransisco on the 26th.
When we landed we then had an hour and a half drive to Sonoma County.
When we finally got to the hotel it was bedtime so we'd be ready to play the next day!

Jimmy had planned our first day in California.
After a little drive around where we were staying and found Virginia's version of Shonney's; Sherrie's.
ah, breakfast!

After breakfast we planned a trip to Safari West.
It was really amazing!!
We took these huge safari trucks all over a wildlife preserve in the middle of wine country!!
How cool is that!!!

Here are a few pics that were my favorites...
(to see some more pics you can check out my facebook page :])

One of the male giraffes. There were only 2 males but quite a few females.

I name this 'Lost'. There were several adult zebras and 2 baby zebras.

That night we ate at the hotel's restaurant and had a delicious dinner.
The next day we chose to do some wineries in Sonoma County so we spent the day in Healdsburg.
We started at J Vineyards and then proceeded to Rodney Strong (which was right next door).
Then we went to Family Wineries; which is a co-op of six vineyards.
We originally went there to taste Forth Winery but ended up falling in love with all the wineries!

A few of my favorite shots from our second day...

J Vineyards

Rodney Strong

Kokomo Vineyards

After our wine day in Sonoma County we decided to have a chill day.
So we were told by many locals to check out Bodega Bay.
And they didn't steer us wrong.
It was only a 25 minute drive west and what we saw was completely worth it!

Some of the favorites...

Don't mind Jimmy's "beard" but hey we are on the west coast!

So freaking beautiful!!

On our last full day in California we saved the best for last; NAPA!

We went to so many different wineries. Grgich Hills. Folie a Duex. Napa Cellars. Hess. And of course Hendry!
Hendry is the reason I got into wine.
The first bottle of wine I had that changed my experience with wine was Hendry's Block 4&5 Pinot Noir.
Sooo, being in Napa we had to stop into Hendry.
The hitch is; it is by appointment only.
We called. Got no call back. So we just chanced it and hoped for the best.
And by the luck of it all they sat down with us and did a personal tasting right in front of their wine room!!!

It was an AMAZING trip!!!
And was so happy to have spent it with Jimmy!!!!!

When we were heading to the airport in San Fran we got to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge!!
So just a little scenery I will leave you with...

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