Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, I declare WAR!!!!

So we are a split household when it comes to the great American game!!!! And while the NFL is still in Lockout mode the Kinane household has begun a "lockout" of its own!

Haha I love this picture!!! [ The Giants were SPANKING the Panthers]
So our little "war" has extended into Wesley's wardrobe and what Mommy will and will not allow her son to be seen in [ex: anything in Carolina Blue, with Panthers on it, or anything related to the Carolina Panthers] :) 
This also extends into the nursery!
While I would love to make Wesley's nursery into a New York Giants shrine we have ammicably decided on a theme:


Hahaha how fitting right?!?!
Well since we didn't care for any of the dinosaur theme prints, we searched for a print we liked and would then need to find a seamstress to make a set for us. Let's face it folks I melt Pyrex when I cook I don't need to be anywhere near a sewing machine attempting to be the next Betty Crocker of the sewing world.

Cute, eh?!?!?!

So if anyone knows oh a handy dandy lady or gent who can create a nursery theme for us using this print that would be fabulous!!!!! 
1, 2, 3, bloggers unite!

The "war" theme kinda also relates to our last doctor appointment we had with the "regular drs". While in the end we all ended in a truce it seemed like as soon as I mentioned "birth plan" to my OB she went into defense mode by making the statement, "If you plan on giving birth in a bath we are NOT the practice for you." Well no shit! I know they are not a Midwifery Center and I know what to expect from a traditional hospital experience.While my response was not quite this rash it did go a little like this..."I know I won't be able to give a water birth and that is not what I am looking for. I am keeping my birth plan pretty small because I do believe the more you put in writing of what you want and expect the more things tend to go wrong and prevent what you are looking for. So I am keeping it simple. I do not want any medical interventions unless my life or my baby's life comes into play. I do not want a C-section, I do not want an episiotomity, I do not want an assisted delivery, I do want an induction, I want the option of pain control but only if I ask for it." Dr. G took a deep breath and said, "That makes perfect sense to me I will make sure your wishes are put into writing." We both withdrew our swords and I left the appointment feeling pretty accomplished. Yay!

So we have other lovely additions to the "list of stuff to buy":

to make our own baby food.

way easier for Momma during night feedings

while I am trying to strictly breastfeed to allow Jimmy some bonding time and maybe a little "mommy time" for me

freezer/fridge safe for storage and use for "Jimbo feeds"

Things to look forward to:

July 12th: Scary Dr's
July 27th: Regular Dr's/Glucose Test [not really looking forward to this]
August 10th: 28 week ultrasound

In other non-baby related/war related/football related news:

Big Girl job starts July 1st!!!!!

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Sweet Temptations Cupcakes said...

Get in touch Heather Cotter. She got sheets from Pottery Barn and had them made into a crib sheet... She put up a picture on her Facebook page.