Monday, July 4, 2011

The Almighty Protector aka Big Brother aka THE MARLEY!!!!

Oh the Marley...

While we sometimes refer to our little furry bubs as the "cuddly puppy" here lately he has been quite cuddly and extra cute. As soon as two little lines showed up on the stick Marley has actually acted differently towards me and favored more of Jimmy's attention than mine. [sad momma bear!]
But the tides have changed my friends!

Marley used to sleep between me and Jimmy at night, now he sleeps just next to me and the edge of the bed.
His new favorite "hang out" spot is my lap cuddling right on up to Wesley :)

Just too cute isn't he!!!!!

This is picture makes me just giggle! He was laying on my legs with his head resting right where Wesley was currently kicking the crap out of me :) with his paws on each side of the expanding belly!!! Oh Marley pup you are so precious!

He is turning into great 'big brother' material. Even when I say the name Wesley to him he looks at me then goes darting around the room like he is looking for him [this actually may be because the in-laws dog's names are Rusty and Bentley with whom he has lots of playdates with but we will pretend he is looking for Wesley, mkay?!] 

I just hope that with all the toys that Marley has of his own he will not be going after Wesley's and for that fact Wesley's socks cause Marley sure does love Jimbo's socks!!!

You all think I take too many pics of the pup just wait for Wesley to arrive!!!!
While 18 weeks may seem like a lot to some people I have a feeling it is going to fly by!
That is it folk 18 weeks to go!

oh, oh, oh and I have a great "project dream nursery" update coming soon so stay tuned :)

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