Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caution: Masterminds at Work...

Ah, yes! Project Nursery update!!!

Okie dokie so first adjustment in 'Project Nursery' we have a change in our crib choice and color:

Since our fabric theme is a bit of the darker side with bright accents I prefered a white crib to aid in the color balance. So speaking of fabrics here we go:



Ek, aren't they just ridciculously cute!!!! So, the scheme is as follows:
Fabric One: Fitted Crib Sheet
Fabric Two: Crib Bumper [will have teal accent piping and ties] & Inner pleat of the Crib Skirt
Fabric Three: Outer Pleat for Crib Skirt & accent material for curtains

Accents to get:


Eco-Friendly and pretty much odor-free [good for all you preggos that are getting ready to paint :)]

Color Palate

Doesn't this just scream afternoon nap :)! I haven't decided if I want to just do an accent wall in this, 2 walls or the whole room...decisions decisions!

Well now our nursery is on its way...sort of we have to move first, come on September 1st, lol! :)

Other news:

* Appointment with the scary doctors today...hmmm

* First actual nursing shift on the 19th!!!!! [yay for being a big girl!]

*Glucose Test July 28th

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