Sunday, July 10, 2011

I may make you cry

I know there is much to bring you all up to date on but it will have to wait because I must share this moment with you all.

I was just on my home from hanging out with my favorite little tyke Haylee and my bestie Nicole headed back towards the beach. The fireworks were going off at the beach and could be seen from the interstate. Add a bit of music and preggo nostalgia moment ensued. Livingston Taylor's "Somewhere over the Rainbow" had begun playing as I was driving towards the spectacular colors and shapes. I began to cry. Sweet little tears began rolling down my cheeks as they reached the little smile I had begun to display.

I had started thinking about all the wonders Jimmy and I are about to embark upon. I know we have roughly 3 months to go but I honestly couldn't help thinking about all the memories we will be making with our own baby. Seeing Jimmy hold his son for the first time. Wesley getting his first "Marley bath". Watching him grow and reach all of his milestones. It seemed like everything I had been worrying about and "over thinking" just went out the window and I began to feel calm and at ease of the fact that everything will work itself out. 

That is all for now. Just thought I'd share 

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