Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Angie and the Real World

No I am not about to take the trek on one of MTV's tragic reality shows I am refering to now. The actual, true life events of life after higher education. How I imagined my dream job. How I imagined myself as a nurse. How imagined people's view of me as a nurse. And yadda, yadda, yadda, etc. So this is just an outpouring of my mind of random thoughts and quotes I have recieved during the last 7 weeks of my orientation process as a Registered Nurse.

* Nursing School does not prepare you well enough for the culture shock of being a "real nurse." And I seriously should have paid more attention during all the psych nursing lectures in schools; Mrs. King I highly apoligize for Facebooking during all your psych lectures from what I do remember though the information has been most helpful!

* Time Management is a skill I believe that is acquired at birth/conception/in-utero...you either have it or you don't...like its part of your DNA...if you don't have it your are pretty much set for failure as a nurse.

* Just because you are an older/wiser/more experienced nurse doesn't mean you "know it all" or should let "newer" nurses drown or verbally back-lash them for not knowing something...we all start at the bottom so just remember how you felt when you first started...

* I became a nurse because I wanted to help people and leave a positive impact on humanity. Some patients make that VERY DIFFICULT at times but there is a difference between being down right rude to a patient because of their actions and being firm about what behavior is acceptable. Most patients are "needy/bitchy" because they are scared and need a little care but isn't that why we became nurses in the first place; to care for people in their worst moments? Now in saying this I am not trying to be all high and mighty just read my next comments...

* I am not a pill pusher, I understand pain is a real thing but when you tell me your pain level is a 10 out of 10 and your laughing with your buddies while chowing down on a bucket of KFC it doesn't make me believe your case... and your doctors won't either.

* Family can be amazing in times of need they can also be annoying. I don't have the right to talk to family members about you. The wonderful law of HIPPA protects your rights so if you want your great-great aunt to know what is going on with you please don't tell her that if you don't answer your hospital room phone to call the nurses station to get information cause I'm sorry she isn't gonna get anything out of me.

* Family comment #2. If you are in the hospital because you are sick/injured it is not time to have a full on family re-union/college kegger/and everyone you have ever known jammed into your hospital room making a rukus; other people are sick/injured too. Be respectful to your fellow patients and your injuries. [Oh and don't tell your buddies to bring you alcohol...the ears of a nurse go far and wide]

* Doctors come at un-godly hour and are busy they have a lot of patients and if you questions for them making a list or letting your nurse know is the best way to go that way you get your answers :) [Also lying to the doctors about how you are abiding by his orders won't work; nurses document your actions...didn't know that did ya!]

SO being a nurse isn't all what I thought it would be, it's a lot more. I am enjoying the floor I work on. I really do enjoy being a nurse. I am learning and experiencing a lot of things I never thought I would. While every job has its ups and downs the overall feeling I get from a shift at the hospital is accomplishment. I try not to be "that nurse" who we all talk about in nursing school cause that would just be wrong!


Jacki said...

Angie, beautiful! After spending more time in hospitals than most people other than nurses you've given a lot of great information for families! Brs R

The Salisbury Family said...

I've decided that nursing school is just about surviving... not actually learning anything. Well MCI nursing school at least. You made me not want to graduate now! LOL