Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A moving and a shaking!

Here we are 2 days away from our 30 week point. Holy moly where did the time go?!?!?! And I have been a bad bad blogger and left all you lovely people out of the loop! So let's get you all updated and this squirmy little one.

At our 28 week appointment we found out I passed the glucose tolerance test (go me!). We also had questions about for the doc concerning our last ultrasound we had the week before. The tech said something about extra amniotic fluid right on the edge of normal and abnormal but couldn't grab the doc to get her to check it out. So we had to wait til this appointment to talk about it. Hello way to stress a pregnant lady out?!? The doc said there was nothing to be concerned about and we can keep on trucking.

I did tell the doc I did not care to go back to EVMS (the scary docs) due to the fact I get more care from them (the regular guys) and they won't even be at the delivery so whats the point. The doc went on to say they go off of EVMS's suggestions and it would be wise for me to continue to see I'll make another appointment.

Other baby related shenighans I have started to get the "I don't know you but I am gonna give you advice anyway" random people talk. It always starts, "Oh, what are you having?" I simply smile, "A boy." Then it goes, "When are you due?" Again, I smile, "November 4th." Shocked looked, "You have so far to go and you're SO big! You sure there is just one in there?!" I raise an eyebrow, "Well we really don't have that long to go and yes there is just one in there!" [I start to walk away] "Well when I had my first child..." [And I stand there for however long their birth story takes to tell me, I make up an excuse to continue on my journey and move on]. I love birth stories but when its 105 degrees outside and I have 8 shopping bags in my's not the time. There have been many other incidents to boot including one where a lady told me I may go into labor because I was riding my bicycle...people are weird. Period the end.

Nursery update: Momma Donna is on a sewing warpath! The getting of the fabric on the other hand was a headache and FINALLY came in and we again had to change the selections but they still look pretty snazzy!

Can't wait to show the finally product come the end of September.

And because the 1st of September is right around the corner WE ARE MOVING!!!
And then walls will be painted, furniture will be delivered, wall decor will be hung.
Ah it's all coming together :)

Upcoming Events

August 30th: Next OB check [regular guys]
 September 13th: Ultrasound & OB check [regular guys]
September 18th: Baby Shower :)

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