Thursday, August 25, 2011

A back post to show off just a little

So here are the ultrasound pics from a few weeks ago. At the ultrasound the tech gave us the news that
Mr. Wesley is measuring in the 65th percentile. Whoa-baby is right!!!! They still aren't changing my due date but I highly doubt if I am gonna make it to November 4th with him measuring as large as he is. He is still breech but lately I have been noticing he is making the attempt to flip cause he gets sideways at points. The next time this happens I will have to take a snap shot cause it feels as uncomfortable as it looks. But now to photos...

You can see him just staring at you saying, "What do you want man, I'm just chilling here!"

Yea Wes is still a boy as the tech also commented on again :)

Just being the cutest little snuggle bug ever! Uh I can't wait to hold him!

Using those kidneys and swallowing away!

Ah our big boy! So excited to meet him come November! Hoping I make it til then! My biggest fear is I will be in labor on Halloween! Which because I really don't want that to happen it probably will!! Just as long as he comes after 38 weeks I guess it's ok...but it would be really awesome if he came a week late and I'd be able to include both Thanksgiving and Christmas into my short term leave...come on Wes work with mommy!!! 


The Salisbury Family said...

can't say I've ever heard someone say they WANT to be late...

B* said...

He's so precious! Can't wait to meet him!