Monday, June 6, 2011

A Two for One

So while I am supposed to be studying for NCLEX I figured I would distract myself some more from studying and do a baby update; yay pop tart! I know I left everyone in a state of kind of shock.and.awe after my last baby posting (sorry guys my bad!)
While we still don’t own a single baby item we have made some head way and have actually agreed; hear that folks 2 adults came to an actual agreement about what they want without pulling a Homer Simpson moment with their spouse….

Hahaha I’m so funny!

Our First decision:
Cloth Diapers

Yes, you have to deal with the “mess”
Yes, it can be a little inconvenient
It’s cheaper
It’s better for the environment [I can hear you calling me a hippie Nicole!]
It’s better for babies bum
And hey it’s just poop after all

After a bit of research I’m pretty much sold on the Econobum set. Buying in kits seem to save the green.

Now for when away at Grandma’s or at daycare [I am already dreading that day to come…] the smart people at Grovia came up with disposable/flushable/biodiograble/chemical-free/dye-free/plastic-free inserts! How nifty!

Still pretty cost-friendly and the babe won’t know the difference!

Our Second decision:

The Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Carrier and Stroller System.
Isn’t it just fabulous.
Gender neutral [for re-usable purposes…we are such smart parents]
While I was pretty against the “travel system” from the get go this set I don’t really mind.
I know every stroller has its positives and negatives but this is the decision we came up with and it fits within out budget [as I’m finding my chair is not…insert pouty face here]
Which reminds me! Funniest stroller related advice to date was from my father-in-law who reminded us, “just don’t forget to put the stroller in the trunk before you start backing up the car!”
Ha! That is totally something I would do and Jimmy was quick to state such.

So when the babe is big enough to support his/herself we have settled on this little gem!

Ah a little relief to soothe mommas heart!

Our Third Decision (you didn't think there was a third did you?!?)

We really didn't care to get a 4-in-1/3-in-1 any kind of in-1 crib for as a matter of fact. Reason being most of friends with kids have said as soon as their babes were ready for a toddler bed the crib that is supposed to convert into their toddler bed is too small for them and end up having the purchase a "big-kid" bed anyway.

So Jimbo and I agreed we would look for a reasonable priced non-convertable crib set.
And I will give Jimmy credit as he was the one who discovered "THE" crib.

I like all the progree we are making, slowly but it's happening!

*Lots of baby movement! Jimmy finally felt the babe the other night and his face completely lit up when it happened!
*Things are getting tighter...broke down and bought maternity capri's, jean shorts, and a jean skirt :)
*Emotionally stable [currently :)]
*Skin is still dry as all get out but I'm dealing with it as best as possible
*"The Girls"...I feel a growth spurt coming

Things on the horizon:
*20 week ultrasound next Tuesday
*Looking at apartments for our big move come September [keep your calanders open!]
*Some belly pics. I don't know why I'm not a fan on them but I guess it's time to start documenting my growth! :)

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