Thursday, June 9, 2011


A little glimpse into how my brain works, I have a running soundtrack going through my brain at all times. And when I came to write this post this song popped into my head;

OK. These changes we have decided/about to embark upon are not as depressing as Ozzie portrays but all in all they take on the same amount of emotional energy.

I know how you guys like LOVE when I break things up for you so here we go:

Change 1

Yeah we have to start doing one of those. We have been pretty much budget free since we moved in together. But with the bambino on the way [hey we are almost at the halfway mark here!] it's about time to focus on our spending habits. Yeah before my $100+ Target trips meant nothing to us now $100 can allot for something necessary versus another pair a flats, a few summer dresses and some dvd's [although $7 for a Harry Potter DVD is SOOOOO necessary!]

Now the budget leads to change #2 which I personally am so bummed about :(

Change 2
The Chair 

Remember this beauty:

This guy costs roughly $1000 total...and remember Change #1 now say goodbye to this guy and hello to the "back up plan"

I found these guys from a reccomendation of a fellow mommy-to-be.
Newco Taylor Classic Swivel Glider and Ottoman in Viva Beach.
From Babies.R.Us as a matter of fact which I tend to try and stay away from due to their "domination" of the baby product world.
But if Babies.R.Us can offer me something I want for half the price of another store [in which I don't have to drive to Richmond to get btw] I'm down!

Change 3
New Place

With our impending move coming up in September we have done some research on a place that has a certain list of requirements:

*2 Bedrooms
*2 Bathrooms [oh to have 2 excited!]
*Patio [so we can still grill!]
*Take Pets [can't forget about the Marley!]
*Reasonably priced [remember we are trying to save so we can BUY a house in the recent future] 
*Located close to the Oceanfront [it's hard to move away from the oceanfront once you've lived here]

And we have found it!

Welcome to Ocean Pebbles!!!
While we haven't actually been approved yet we do have a meeting with the leasing agent on Saturday; fingers crossed!!!

So all in all pretty great changes eh?!?! See not as depressing as Ozzy puts it I think!!!

Awesome end note: 5 days til we find out pink or blue!!!!!

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B* said...

$7 Harry Potter dvds are TOTALLY necessary.