Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So he really does listen!

I would first like to say how proud PROUD I am of my husband. I know most of the time I put Jimmy's flaws on blast [bad wife I know, working on it...]. Ok ok ok so why am I a super proud wife/momma-to-be, well here's the scoop...

I came home one fate-filled evening from work to get my fill of Facebook drama and as I open the laptop to start my stalking adventure the web browser was already opened to this:

Ok so what is this thing you may ask. It is an electronic cigarette. This is a HUGE thing!

Jimmy has smoked since he was 15 and has never even had the inkling to quit. Well we had decided that once I got pregnant he was to quit [as most pregnant wives make their husbands do]. It's not good for me, for the babe and it is just time for him to give the habit a good fine

So you somke the thing like a regular cigarette but it does not emit harmful smoke/carcinogens/nasty puke.endusing odor and it still gives the smoker the nicotine they get from a regular cigarette. Well the whole point of this thing for Jimmy is to eventually [and hopefully finally] nix his need for nicotine. So for those who are using it for quiting purposes you can actually replace the with a lower level nicotine and [high point here!] they even make a 0 level nicotine cartridge for those who like the taste of a cigarette without any actual nicotine. Ah SOCRE!!!

So more about why I am proud is that he chose to do the research on his own and finding a method that will work for him! So proud of you babe!

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