Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm a slacker with a hint of hidden nostalga... I suck at life.
Ok well I don't really think I suck at life I just have no zero desire to do anything productive since my passing of the boards.
Oh yea.
I passed my nursing boards.
No big deal.
It was just that ridiculous little thing I have been studying for since graduation.
That thing that if I didn't pass would cause me to lose the position I have lined up with Sentara.
But all is well now cause I passed that pesky test and am officially:

Angie Kinane, R.N.

Nice ring to it, eh.
Now I get to work with this girl on a regular basis and we are gonna rule the night shift
 [..."I love the night life, I love to boogy"...hahaha I figure I'd get it stuck in your head too!]

Oh wait that's her dog...Sorry girl!

Ok so here she is!!
Christa and I have gone through the entire span of nursing school together and now get to work together, SO STOKED!!!!!
Now that you have met my P.I.C I will move onto other exciting news :)

New housing is upon our horizon. While we have been approved to rent at Ocean Pebbles. We have been informed of the possibility of actually purchasing a unit. While we aren't sure of the details and there are many things to really discover before charging down the "buying a house" road but I am really excited to see what our options will be. If it doesn't work out at least we have a back-up plan. But keep us in your thoughts and hope that this avenue becomes a possibility for us!

And now why you stalk lovingly watch for blog updates:

Baby Chat:
We are now 21 weeks [yay for being more than halfway!!]
Movement all the time and pretty sure I felt hiccups cool!
Dresses are my friend in this heat wave [you may not feel hot but I feel like Im constantly in a sauna]
The Gals are just dandy...ones bigger than the other and it kinda weirds me out but hey we all can't be symmetrical
I am becoming rather rotund [one of regulars at the restaurant called me this!!!] evidence of this was a fb post recently about no longer being able to see my own feet from a standing position...hmmm

I still haven't done belly pics yet...uh I know and I'm on it...remember NO desire!

But when the jimbo gets home I'll have him snap a few pics, mkay?!?! kay :)

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