Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's a BOY!!!!

Introducing our:
Wesley Jackson Kinane
[well technically his man parts]

[ok here's our man!]

So I was wrong but I am blaming it on my mother's intuition not being quite kicked in yet but we got another 20 weeks to go so hopefully it'll make an appearance relatively soon!

Since we had our big ultrasound today we got to see our little guy for quite a bit but hey I'm def not complaining here!

He is coming in at a whopping 12 ounces with a strong heartbeat of 156.
They found him curled up like a little butter ball!
Crazy kid!

After our lovely time with our "regular drs" we made the trip across the street for our appointment with the "scary drs" and I could have seriously cared less to go to this visit! After we waited for two & a half two two & a half hours we were finally seen and actually talked with the drs for 5 freaking minutes. Less than amused really don't want to go back. On the upside I had these lovely pics to occupy my mind...

Haha the last one just seriously reminds me of Skeletor!!

And because I have a serious shopping issue I!!!!
So we went to Target [I seriously should think about a part-time position there...] and bought a little jumper-thingy that made us both kinda chuckle!

After a much needed nap [getting them while I can!] we decided to hit the theater see a movie and actually go out on a date! Gotta say it was rather nice to spend some quality time with this man I call my husband. As we were waiting for our movie time to arrive we walked around the mall and noticed this little shop called Crazy 8 that of course had a sign stating they were having a "60% off sale" I headed right in went to the sale rack and found a pair of jeans, a beanie and an onesie for less than $15!!!

This just got a lot cuter didn't it!

Now onto the list of things to do...

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