Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things they ought to tell ya...

I have had many friends, family members and sorority sisters give birth recently. Many have provided advice about pregnancy and the labor process; how to induce it, techniques for getting through labor, so forth and so on. What I didn't recieve much advice on what happens after the nine months and the big event so to speak.

I figured I would make this a bit fun cause what I am learning is parenthood is not only amazing, rewarding and a little tiresome but is one of God's gifts to make us laugh on a daily basis!

So the things I have learned thus far about parenting a newborn...

*Even after the shower you may or may not get to take, you will still smell poop/pee/or spit up somewhere on your being

*Coffee should be something you can add to a baby registry

*A back-up changing pad cover (or 2) is never a bad idea

*The inventor of the bottle warmer is a FREAKING genious!

*Always have a back-up paci (if you use them) because you just never know when it will go missing and become your in-laws dog's new chew toy [we still love you Bentley :D]

*Naps are not only for children under 5 years of age

*Being "on-time" changes to being 30 minutes late for everything

*Laundry will never be finally finished ever again

*Pack at least 2 back up outfits in the diaper bag cause you just never know

*The alarm clock no longer can stir you out of your sleep

*The conversation you have with someone will go from "you'll never guess where I ended up last night!" to "you'll never guess where I changed my son's diaper!"

*Your neighbors will think you are slaughtering your newborn when you give them their first couple of baths

*You bargain with your spouse over who will take the dog for a walk vs changing the babes poopy diaper [even though you still have to pick up the dogs shit too] 

So parenthood has been pretty eye-opening/revealing/fun/stressful/sleep depriving but when you hold that little wonder in your arms and he FINALLY drifts off to sleep. You think to yourself how amazing it is that 19 short days ago he was still in utero working to make his entrance into the world. You smile, a little tear forms in the corner of your eye and then the damn dog starts barking at nothing and awakens your sleeping little angel who has now turned into a screaming devil child that has turned the color purple!!

Oh, life :)

Wesley is 19 days old.


The Salisbury Family said...

too funny! & so true ;-)

the PAYNE family.... said...

Just FYI.. not ALL kids under the age of 5 take naps! ;)